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Creating an Actionable Backlog with VersionOne

How VersionOne helps organize, monitor and groom a product backlog

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December 11th | 9:00 - 9:45 am ET

In order for organizations to be successful with their Agile initiatives, they need to be able to define and prioritize their work.This starts by defining high-level goals and ends with creating an actionable backlog. By prioritizing work, optimizing value, and ensuring the backlog is visible and transparent, teams gain a shared understanding of what to build first and what to build later.

Join this live demo to learn how VersionOne helps companies organize, monitor and groom their product backlog, as well as how to do release planning. We will also cover how to:

- Create and manage relationships between stories and portfolio items
- Create and manage the product roadmap and goals
- Generate real-time metrics to track success
- Track progress of project, program and portfolio items

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