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Business Agility – How Deep Does the Rabbit Hole Go?

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You've taken the "Red Pill" and opened the door for agile in IT, but you're not getting all the benefits you expected when you first started this journey. In this session we'll explore how Agile is an entire "ecosystem" impacting the culture and practices in every area of the organization including finance, HR, operations and even sales. We'll unpack this view with real world success and failure stories and equip you to have the conversations necessary to build a truly agile business.

Participants will understand the organizational interdependencies to build a lasting agile business and culture. Participants will leave with a deeper understanding and ability to have broader conversations with impacted areas of the business to expand agile practices and capabilities beyond IT. Participants will leave with clear next steps (regardless of their level in the organization) to help fertilize the culture and produce positive momentum.

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Danny Presten

Chief Methodologist
CollabNet VersionOne