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Git for Grownups: Beyond Git

A look at a unique version control solution for the enterprise

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Git is an amazing version control tool. It is really great at tracking changes, its powerful branching capability is second to none, blazing-fast operations makes it a pleasure to work with -- there are so many reasons for making Git the de-facto version control tool for modern software projects.

However, Git is only Git. Carefully following the "Single Responsibility Principle", Git has “just” one job: version control. Often times, organizations have requirements that won't be addressed by Git: security and access control, availability, workflow governance, compliance, and so on and so forth.

In this webinar, we will get familiar with how an Enterprise Version Control solution addresses those, and many other, requirements by introducing a layer of security, scalability, governance, and compliance, making Git truly enterprise-ready!
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Miikka Andersson

Senior Product Manager
CollabNet VersionOne

Miikka Andersson has over 10 years of engineering and project/product management experience in technology companies ranging from start-ups to large-scale global enterprises. Miikka joined CollabNet from Microsoft/Nokia where he held various Project Manager, Product Owner, and Technical/Team Lead positions. In addition to his strong Project and Product Management skills, he has a deep knowledge of Software Configuration Management, Test Automation, and Continous Integration/Delivery.
Bob Jenkins

Senior DevOps & Agile Coach
CollabNet VersionOne

Bob Jenkins has been with CollabNet VersionOne for nearly 18 years and has had a focus on version control, as well as ALM and DevOps, for nearly 23 years. He has trained and helped global customers (of all sizes in all different market sectors) implement multiple version control tools with a focus on Git and Subversion with CollabNet. As a Senior Coach in Services, he has assisted hundreds of enterprises successfully implement their requirements for version control using these tools.