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Organizational Agility is described by Evan Leybourn and Sally Elatta as “The ability to adapt to change, learn and pivot, deliver at speed, and thrive in a competitive market because, gone are the days when big eats small. Today fast is eating slow. The ability to learn and deliver faster than competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage.”

Many organizations are in various stages of agile transformation and they are looking back and wondering where the promised returns are. Yes, their IT departments can deliver faster but that was not really the point – the point was to deliver value to their customers.

These organizations have reached what we call a “glass ceiling” in that they will not achieve true agility if they do not embrace agility across the breadth and depth of their organization. If they do not engage and change the mindsets of the leaders, managers and employees in all departments, they will not achieve the true value of agile. The HR, Finance, Procurement and Legal departments play a huge role in the success of true agility, yet they are often far from this action. It is a team effort at all levels and within all disciplines.

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Myles Hopkins

Business Agility Strategist
Be Agile

Myles is a global Enterprise Business Agility Influencer who enjoys great success in bringing significant value to clients through a blend of strategic, design thinking, agile and people centric solutions. Myles has delivered transformation projects in North America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia-Pacific. He is a leader in the business agility community having contributed to the drafting of the Domains of Business Agility released by the Business Agility Institute. He is spear-heading the first Business Agility Conference to be held in Africa in November 2019 as well as a very successful Business Agility Meetup group based in Johannesburg.

Nishant Sasidharan

Business Agility & DevOps Practice Lead
ICON Agility Services

With over 18 years in the software industry in a variety of roles, and a decade working as a coach, Nishant possesses a unique skill set to find creative and sustainable ways in the midst of traditional transformation methods. He strongly believes that guiding leaders on a path to a coaching mindset is key to unlocking the potential of the individual, the team, and ultimately the organization.

Nishant is a recognized agile change agent and leader and his experience in traditional/legacy environments and his pragmatic approach to Agile Transformation allows him to help organizations bridge the gap when adopting Agile practices. Most recently, Nishant has been working to incorporate various business agility techniques along with DevOps and XSCALE principles to his method of training, coaching and speaking to help his clients in their transformation.
Eric Robertson
VP, Product Marketing Management
CollabNet VersionOne
Eric Robertson is responsible for product management and marketing at CollabNet VersionOne. Prior to CollabNet, Eric served as Director of services and portfolio management for enterprise solutions at Unisys. Eric joined Cisco through a company acquisition, where he led product management for Cisco's cloud automation and SAP ALM extension offerings.

Eric has successfully held product development, services and management roles with enterprises and start-ups and has provided consulting services to Fortune 500 companies. Eric holds a patent in the area of virtualization and a Master's Degree in Electrical and Software Engineering from University of Texas in Austin and continues to further his research in domain- specific languages, and intelligent automation.