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See the world’s leading, unified Agile and DevOps software platform. Join us for live, interactive product demos to see how you can accelerate software delivery.

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Realize all the benefits of Agile Development without losing the transparency and control you need to effectively run your business

  1. Gain control and visibility over your multiple SVN and Git repositories.
  2. Allow your teams to use their favorite Agile life cyrcle too's while maintaining full visibility and control
  3. Orchestrate business requirements application development and deployment within the same platform

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Live Product Demos
How Teams Can Make Work Visible Across Organizations to Maximize Value Delivery
February 19th | 12-12:45pm ET
In Lean enterprises, Agile Teams perform much of the work that delivers value to their customers. Consequently, an organization’s ability to execute depends on its collective teams’ ability to deliver solutions that reliably meet a customer’s needs with high quality. Learn how teams can make work visible across organizations that align high quality with business value and delivery.

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How to Scale Agile with SAFe® Using VersionOne and Jira

March 19th | 12-12:45pm ET

Many agile methodologies focus on team planning and delivery activities. For the individual team, these approaches and tools have achieved success, but now struggle to scale across multiple teams and plan work at a more strategic level. In this live demo, learn how CollabNet VersionOne for SAFe® can be used with Atlassian Jira to scale agile across the enterprise.

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Making the Connection of DevOps Release Management with Value Delivery
March 7th | 12-12:45pm ET
As digital disruption continues to change the world and software becomes a bigger part of a company’s ability to deliver and support products and services, enterprises face the need to react to customer demands faster with digital solutions. The ability to have visibility into work flowing from idea to business value delivery is paramount for enterprises to transform themselves into a customer-centric organization. See how Continuum empowers and enables organizations to map, visualize, measure & optimize the flow of value from concept to cash.

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Navigate Digital Disruption with VersionOne and SAFe® 4.6
March 12th | 12-12:45pm ET
Scaled Agile, Inc. recently announced the newest release of the Scaled Agile Framework®, SAFe® 4.6, which highlights the introduction of the Five Core Competencies of the Lean Enterprise. Whether you are just getting started with SAFe or rapidly ramping up an enterprise-wide agile initiative, join us for a live product demo of VersionOne to see how it provides a proven, extensible platform for scaling agile best practices across your organization.

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Unified Agile & DevOps Demo

VersionOne is an enterprise-class software planning and delivery platform that unifies Agile and DevOps lifecycle management to accelerate delivery, increase agility, and ensure alignment between business and IT. Get access to an on-demand product demonstration to see how VersionOne uniquely integrates the entire software delivery value stream from ideation to delivery.