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Live Product Demos
Creating an Actionable Backlog with VersionOne
July 11th | 8-8:45 am ET
In order for organizations to be successful with their Agile initiatives, they need to be able to define and prioritize their work. This starts by defining high-level goals and ends with creating an actionable backlog. By prioritizing work, optimizing value, and ensuring the backlog is visible and transparent, teams gain a shared understanding of what to build first and what to build later.

Join this live demo to learn how VersionOne helps companies organize, monitor and groom their product backlog, as well as how to do release planning...

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Adding Value with VersionOne Extensions
June 27th | 12-12:45 pm ET
Learn how to extend VersionOne using webhooks and our API restful service. We will explore ways to add value to your teams with VersionOne's easy to use extensions and cover configuration of webhooks. We will walk through how to use the API console and API restful service. Lastly, we will show you how to add workflow tasks for data consistency and how to automate reporting.

Git for Grownups: Beyond Git

July 11th | 12-1:00 pm ET

Git is an amazing version control tool. It is really great at tracking changes, its powerful branching capability is second to none, blazing-fast operations makes it a pleasure to work with -- there are so many reasons for making Git the de-facto version control tool for modern software projects.

Often times, organizations have requirements that won't be addressed by Git: security and access control, availability, workflow governance, compliance, and so on and so forth. In this webinar, we will get familiar with how an Enterprise Version Control solution addresses those, and many other, requirements.

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Accelerating Business Value Delivery with SAFe®
July 9th | 12-12:45 pm ET
The true mark of success for Agile and DevOps initiatives comes from driving better business outcomes. Organizations who only use Agile and DevOps to optimize IT and engineering processes miss the mark when it comes to adding value to the business. By leveraging the world’s leading framework for enterprise agility, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), organizations are able to unify their business and technical agility to accelerate business value delivery.

Join this live product demo to see how VersionOne helps organizations using SAFe apply agile at scale with a focus on portfolio planning, program execution, and team level support...

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Aligning People, Process & Technology with Value Stream Management

July 23rd | 12-1:00 pm ET

From the C-Suite to the team level, organizations need to think about value streams. Regardless of industry, every business is a software business. Merely optimizing one product, service or application does not validate a company’s investments in Agile and DevOps initiatives. The true mark of success for these initiatives comes from organizing and aligning people, process and technology around value streams. This alignment puts the customer first and helps organizations ideate, create and deliver better business outcomes.

In this demo, we will show you how our Value Stream Management platform connects your organization and enables them to keep software development and delivery aligned with business objectives.

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Unified Agile & DevOps Demo

VersionOne is an enterprise-class software planning and delivery platform that unifies Agile and DevOps lifecycle management to accelerate delivery, increase agility, and ensure alignment between business and IT. Get access to an on-demand product demonstration to see how VersionOne uniquely integrates the entire software delivery value stream from ideation to delivery.